Where are the Corporate Political Ads?

Teagan Goddard highlighted an interesting issue this morning his Political Wire, noting that the corporate-sponsored political ads we thought we were sure to see after the recent SCOTUS Citizens United ruling just simply have not materialized thus far.

Corporate involvement in politics is a contested issue, and it seems as though most major companies want to wait and see exactly how far removed they can keep their names and their shareholders’ identities from the political activity.  As The Washington Post puts it — “All over the country, corporate CEOs and trade groups are asking their lawyers the same question: How can we get our companies involved in this political election season without leaving tracks?”

This could have incredible implications on the upcoming elections, but apparently no one’s been willing to step out on a limb so far during this crazy primary season.  It’ll be interesting to see who pioneers the corporate political ad, and more importantly, if they’re able to stay anonymous.

Read the full article from The Washington Post.

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