Volunteer for Tim Burns in PA-12

With only a week and a half until the crucial special election taking place in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District, I’d like to urge you to look into perhaps going on a short-term deployment to help GOP candidate Tim Burns for few a days.

The information on volunteering is after the jump.  Please consider giving some of your time to start the ball rolling toward a Republican takeover of Congress this November!


Pennsylvania Congressional District 12 – Special Election


LOCATIONS: All deployed volunteers will be assigned to a HQ location based on need and capacity. Please contact Kali Dean at kdean@rnchq.org for more information about the following HQ locations and to receive your assignment:


LODGING: In order to receive hotel accommodations, you must commit to two full days of deployment.  This means arriving in time for the first shift at 9 AM, staying through the final shift at 9 PM and then arriving back at HQ at 9 AM the following day and staying through the shift ending at 9 PM.   If you are coming alone, plan to be paired up with another deployed volunteer, as all rooms will house two people.  If you are coming with a friend and want to be paired up with them, please indicate that in your email to Kali.  Your hotel room will be booked for you in the same town you are assigned to; that information will be given to you from Kali.

TRAVEL/PER DIEM: We will not be able to provide travel arrangements into the district or per diems for this deployment opportunity during the 72-HR operation.  If you plan on carpooling, we can provide gas cards if necessary.

MEALS: All meals will be provided for all volunteers in each HQ.


The purpose of our calls prior to May 8th was to identify voters we want to keep in or remove from our GOTV universe.  After May 8th, all calls and door-to-door will be for GOTV purposes. The 72-hour period will be our strongest push to get our identified supporters to the polls on Election Day.


In order to most effectively plan and schedule the volunteer effort, it is important that we know who you are!  Please send Kali Dean (kdean@rnchq.org) an email today to get scheduled.  Please be sure to include: your contact information, what day you will be arriving and for how long, how many people—if any—you will be bringing with you and whether or not you will have your own transportation. Thank you!

Learn More About Tim Burns’ Congressional Bid In PA-12

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  1. Krista

    Thank you for the info! I’m from that district but live here in DC and am planning to help.


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