Virginia’s Tea Party Patriots

With just over three weeks until Election Day 2010, Virginia’s Tea Party movement put on a strong showing at their convention in Richmond last weekend.  What we saw were more than 2,800 citizens gathering together, united by a desire to make their voices heard and determined to do so.  Unlike some of the other tea party activities in other states that are grabbing the national headlines with big money involvement in political campaigns, the Virginia tea party efforts truly reflect a bottom-up network that is determined to achieve political influence by giving opportunity to local volunteer activists.

Despite the predominance of Republican officials on the panels and at the speakers’ podium, the organizers and participants alike WERE NOT looking to be an echo chamber of the GOP establishment.  Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s observation that we owe our current political and economic situation to the failure of the Republicans as well as to the actions of the Democrats drew hearty applause from the crowd.

The selection of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie over some of the more traditional conservative luminaries in the straw poll for president in 2012 gives a sense of what these tea party activists want – elected officials who are more concerned with shrinking government than their own political careers.

Earlier this year, we noted that Chris Christie has a strong political future a head of him due to his no nonsense leadership style.  It’s good to see that we aren’t the only ones who view Christie favorably.


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