Top Ten Most Outrageous Moments Of The 2010 Election

Whoever said politics was boring surely had not paid attention to this past election cycle.  From witches to chickens to peanuts, this election might go down as more than just a “shellacking” of the Democrats.  From the outrageous to the bizarre, Republicans and Democrats reminded the public why campaign season can be so much fun.

This list was tough to narrow down since there was a plethora of material to choose from.  Each moment either defined a campaign or was a significant episode that greatly influenced a particular election.  For those who have seen these already – relive the memories.  For those who are unfamiliar with these incidents – enjoy American democracy on full display.

The most outrageous moment of the election season is awarded to Christine O’Donnell from Delaware.  After national endorsements from Sarah Palin and various Tea Party groups, O’Donnell shocked the political establishment by knocking out the favored, moderate Republican candidate.  Soon after, Bill Maher – former host of ABC’s television show Politically Incorrect, released a video of a bizarre exchange between Maher and O’Donnell where she admitted to “dabbling in witchcraft (but) I never joined a covenant.”  She continued by describing that her first date had been with a witch and involved a “midnight picnic” on a satanic altar with “a little blood on it.”

After Maher released the video, O’Donnell tried to make the best of a bad situation in a TV ad stating she was not a witch – she was you.  While the interview might have been taken out of context this is the first known incident in US political history that a candidate had to actually deny being a witch.  Christine O’Donnell lost.

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