The Three Most Interesting Races Tonight

Here’s what I consider to be the 3 most interesting races today — 1 Senate, 1 House, and 1 Gubernatorial primary:

Senate: It’s such a tough choice between Arkansas’ Dem runoff and Nevada’s GOP primary, but since the winner in Nevada gets to take on Majority Leader Reid, I’m going with that.

What everyone is wondering about this race is whether or not the polling that shows Angle (who polled at only 5% months ago) up in the 7-8 point range is accurate.  Also, many of us want to know if Danny Tarkanian has any Creigh Deeds election day magic that might help him steal away a win when the results are tallied tonight.  Sharron Angle’s support is in the tea party voter wing, so this will be yet another strong indicator of the tea party’s ability to close the deal on election day.

A surprise finish in this one wouldn’t actually be too big of a surprise.

House: South Carolina has the most interesting Republican primaries going on, especially in the 1st and 4th CDs.  I do realize the 4th is a popular choice, but Rep. Bob Inglis’s possible ouster at the hands of a challenger from the right is certainly what I’m paying the closest attention to.  The comparison between Inglis and outgoing Senator Bob Bennett of Utah is pretty easy to make: incumbent sitting in highly conservative district who voted for TARP and was immediately targeted by the tea party.

Bright spot of this?  Some of these votes that are killing a few Republicans are going to wreak absolute havok in the general election if framed properly.

Gubernatorial: How can it not be the Nikki Haley story?  South Carolina wins again. This absolutely stacked primary has been entertaining for months, and now we get to see who (if anyone?) will end up in the runoff with Haley.  If she is somehow able to win an actual majority in this four-headed race, look for the “next big thing” stories to run tomorrow morning.  Just a shot in the dark, but I’m going to go with AG Henry McMaster getting something like 20% of the vote and making the runoff with Haley.

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