The Reid Machine Is Everywhere And Angle Is Outgunned

As the general election campaign got under way last week in the Silver State, it has become immediately clear that Republican nominee Sharron Angle’s grass-roots organization is proving no match for incumbent Democratic Sen. Harry Reid’s well-plotted and well-funded operation.  We saw this coming months ago, and unfortunately the Angle campaign is getting bested at every turn whether it be on the ground, at local events or on the Internet. Welcome to the Reid machine. It’s working behind the scenes and out front to grind Angle into political mincemeat while trying to re-elect an unpopular incumbent whose best hope is to make his staunch conservative foe seem too extreme to represent Nevada.

“Reid is playing chess, and these folks around Angle are playing checkers,” said David Damore, a political science professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. “It’s going to be tough for Angle to level the playing field. Reid has been preparing for this since Daschle went down.”

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