The New Hampshire GOP’s Quick Turnaround

Two years later, the state GOP came roaring back under the leadership of Sununu’s father, John H. Sununu, a former governor. The state’s former chief executive said in an interview after the elections that he sought the job because of the visibility he would bring to it, and he thought that might help breathe some life into the troubled organization.

In just two years’ time, Republicans recaptured both House seats in the congressional delegation, held onto a Senate seat with 60 percent of the vote and gave one of the nation’s most popular Democratic governors a scare in his re-election race. They say their biggest victory was flipping both chambers of the state legislature and earning veto-proof majorities in each. They also wiped out all of the Democrats on the state’s powerful Executive Council, which will now have five Republicans and no Democrats.

In the interview, the elder Sununu pointed out that approximately 20 percent of the state legislature seats that flipped across the country were tucked inside the tiny Granite State. Republicans now hold 297 of the state’s 400 House seats, and 19 of its 24 Senate seats.

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