“Tea Party v. Unions”

John Fund has one of the most intriguing articles of the day in today’s Wall Street Journal as he makes the point that the Tea Party could serve to partially counteract the works of the unions on the Democratic side.  More importantly, Fund argues that the way the two groups are treated by the media is incredibly different, with nearly all of the attention (largely negative) focused on the Tea Party.

Fund’s conclusion makes perfect sense:

At a time of heightened passions such as this election season, anyone who jumps proper political guardrails must be called on any excesses. As tea party members and unions vie for political supremacy this fall, it will be important for the media to scrutinize both and make sure their coverage is accurate and complete. So far the tea party—the new kids on the political block—have gotten far more attention than their union counterparts.

Read the full article from John Fund at the WSJ’s Opinion Journal.

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