Tea Party Caucus In Question

It appears that there is a rift developing between the tea party movement and the newly created Congressional Tea Party Caucus.  Tea partiers view the caucus as just another way Republicans are trying to control the movement.  Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) said, “Structure and formality are the exact opposite of what the tea party is, and if there is an attempt to put structure and formality around it, or to co-opt it by Washington, D.C., it’s going to take away from the free-flowing nature of the true tea party movement. If any one person tries to become the head of it, it will lose its way.” The caucus may end up being more negative than positive, which means Re. Eric Cantor (R-VA) would have made the right decision in declining an invitiation to join the caucus

Read more Kenneth Vogel at Politico

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