Tea Party At A Crossroads

Washington Examiner has an article about the tea party’s current predicament.  The movement has grown exponentially since last year’s tax day rally; however, it is time for the movement to decide if it is going to organize or protest forever.  If it is going to really influence politics it “will require Tea Partiers — millions of whom have never before been interested in politics — to get involved in both political parties as volunteers, party officials, candidates for elective office, and campaign donors at every level of government.”  The problem is several tea party candidates have emerged but have had almost no success.

The Tea Party Express has taken a different approach. They have developed a plan to harness these protests in a way to influence politics.  Today they released their targets and endorsements for the 2010 midterm elections.  The group will use its money and influence to travel the country to host tea party rallies in the hometowns of these politicians.

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