“Six Months to Election Day: Six Dates to Watch”

Susan Page of USA Today wrote a fantastic piece about what to be looking for as we head into the final six months before the 2010 elections.  Among these dates are the May 18th Republican primaries in KY and the Democratic primaries in Arkansas, John McCain’s AZ primary on May 8th, and the August 6th release of July unemployment numbers.

And what’s at stake?

“[T]he future of the Bush administration tax cuts that expire this year, the ambitious cap-and-trade climate bill now stalled on Capitol Hill, even the efforts to reshape or repeal the health care law that was enacted just last month and is a signature of Obama’s administration. A Republican takeover presumably would dispatch the president to a land of diminished expectations, where a GOP rout sent then-president Bill Clinton for a time after his disastrous 1994 midterms.”

Everything’s at stake.

Read the full article from Susan Page here.

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