Sharron Angle Signs Pledge To Repeal Death Tax

Republican Sharron Angle, an anti-tax proponent while in the Nevada Legislature, became the 401st candidate for the U.S. Congress to sign a pledge that if elected, she will do all she can to kill the federal estate tax, which critics call the death tax.

Angle signed the pledge at a Sparks business, Advanced Refining Concepts, during a Wednesday morning news conference. Advanced Refining Concepts’ Partner and Director Peter Gunnerman is a registered Republican who is concerned about losing the business if the tax is reactivated.

The federal estate tax, now expired, is scheduled to return on Jan. 1, 2011, imposing a levy of up to 55 percent on estates valued at more than $1 million.

Angle gave a brief speech, then turned and walked away without taking any questions from newspaper and television reporters. As she walked away, a small group of reporters and camera personnel followed her out of the building, some calling out questions to Angle. She did not respond. Press secretary Jerry Stacy said, “We are running behind, I’m sorry.”

During her brief talk inside about repealing the death tax, Angle made no mention of her opponent, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Yet Dick Patten, the president of the American Family Business Institute, called Reid “public enemy No. 1 for those who want no taxes at death.”

Angle spoke about Gunnerman and his family business, noting that the Gunnermans have paid their taxes dutifully through their lives and that if the estate tax returns, it could be devastating for them.

“At the end of the day, at the end of life, we are going to take that (tax) one more time through an unfair death tax,” Angle said.


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