RNC To Cut Back GOTV Operations

With the party banking on major gains in midterm elections, the Republican National Committee is suddenly being hit with a severe cut in money originally budgeted to help state parties identify and get voters to the polls on Nov. 2, The Washington Times has learned.

The cuts, which RNC officials say still must be approved by the budget committee, would slice by a third the amount of money originally budgeted for targeted political operations, including funds to help state parties hire staff and beef up get-out-the-vote (GOTV) operations. The $12.2 million downward revision means that state GOP operations will have to trim their Election Day “victory” programs, according to a new budget blueprint prepared for RNC Chairman Michael S. Steele and sent to members of the budget committee for approval.

“We have a great opportunity to take the House and Senate, but now with this kind of financial kick in the pants we may not have the resources to pull it off,” a senior member of the Republican Party’s national governing body told The Times, speaking on the condition of anonymity. According to RNC sources, the new budget blueprint foresees a $12.2 million drop — 34 percent in the fund for political operations, as well as lower projections for contributions from both small and major donors. The lower figures likely will mean corresponding cuts in state-level victory programs.

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