RNC Sets Lofty 2010 Fundraising Goal

The Republican National Committee has announced an ambitious fundraising goal of $107 million in 2010.

The RNC raised $49 million in the first half of 2010, getting outpaced by their Democratic rivals, the DNC, by $4.8 million.

That means the RNC would need to raise nearly $60 million for the rest of the year in the face of several fundraising embarrassments, competition for Republican donors from the Republican Governors Association and dozens of conservative groups hoping to raise cash from disenchanted former RNC donors.

The RNC has been plagued this cycle with complaints from members and donors about its spending habits, ranging from private aircraft for RNC Chairman Michael Steele to a $2,000 expense at a bondage-themed club in Hollywood.

The RNC is banking on the fact that donors tend to contribute more as elections near, especially with numerous opportunities to pick up seats.

The RNC raised $243 million during the last midterm election in 2006, though the GOP at the time held the White House and was able to use President George W. Bush as a fundraiser.

The committee made the announcement to its members on Wednesday during its meeting in Kansas City.

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