CivicForumPAC: Ranking The GOP’s 2010 Senate Pick-Up Opportunities (August)

A lot has happened in the last month.  According to Gallup, the GOP now leads by 10-points on the latest midterm generic ballot for Congress.  The current political landscape presents the GOP with an opportunity (albeit slim) to recapture the Senate.  Ranked below are the GOP’s best Senate pick-up opportunities:

1. North Dakota (D-Open) – Who is Tracy Potter?

2. Arkansas (D-Lincoln) – Polls indicate that Sen. Lincoln is having difficulty capturing 30% of the vote.

3. Indiana (D-Open) – Support for Dem nominee Ellsworth is trending down.

4. Delaware (D-Open) – Castle still needs to win his primary, and the Tea Party is not going to make it easy.

5. Pennsylvania (D-Open) – Keystone State voters are not thrilled with Obama. Hence, Toomey’s lead is growing.

6. Colorado (D-Bennet) – Bennet’s approval numbers are subpar, if Buck can make inroads with Colorado independents and keep his mouth shut, he should be all right on Election Day.

7. Illinois (D-Open) – This race should be renamed “the lesser of two evils.” Neither candidate is making headway with voters.

8. Wisconsin (D-Feingold) – Johnson has begun to lead in the polls, but he has not yet secured the GOP nomination.

9. Washington (D-Murray) – Rossi is a credible candidate, who needs to shore up support across the Evergreen State.

10. Nevada (D-Reid) – This race is neck-and-neck, and Reid will pull out all the stops to save his political career.

Other races to keep an eye on: CA (D-Boxer), WV (D-Open), CT (D-Open)

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