Polls Give GOP Edge In Ohio Governor, Senate Races

Ohio’s top two Democrats face gloomy poll numbers and an unhappy electorate heading into the final six weeks before Election Day, mirroring the challenge of many incumbent politicians across the country and adding political drama to the famous battleground state.

In polls released last week by Quinnipiac University, Gov. Ted Strickland trailed his Republican challenger John Kasich by 17 points, while Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher fell 20 points behind the GOP’s Rob Portman in the race for an open seat in the U.S. Senate. Both match-ups are being watched closely as bellwether races reflecting the national mood.

Here are results of recent polls of likely voters in Ohio’s U.S. Senate race between Republican Rob Portman and Democrat Lee Fisher, and the governor’s race between Republican John Kasich and incumbent Democrat Ted Strickland. The Ohio Newspaper Poll will be released next Sunday.

CNN/Time, Sept. 10-14: Portman – 52, Fisher – 41; Kasich – 51, Strickland – 44

Quinnipiac, Sept. 9-14: Portman – 55, Fisher – 35; Kasich – 54, Strickland – 37

Rasmussen, Sept. 13: Portman – 49, Fisher – 41; Kasich – 50, Strickland – 43

SurveyUSA, Sept. 10-13: Portman – 49; Fisher – 40; Kasich – 52, Strickland – 40

FOX, Sept. 11: Portman – 48, Fisher – 41; Kasich – 48, Strickland – 43

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