Oregon Governor’s Race: Dudley (R) 41%, Kitzhaber (D) 40%

The election for Oregon Governor is currently a statistical dead heat with 41% of likely voters supporting businessman Chris Dudley (R), 40% supporting former Governor John Kitzhaber (D), 10% support another candidate, and 9% are undecided. The ballot test numbers are based on a Magellan Strategies survey of 963 likely Oregon voters fielded Monday, June 28th.

Key Statistic: Looking at ballot test results by voter subgroup, Magellan Strategies finds Republican Chris Dudley doing well among independent voters with 41% support compared to 27% for John Kitzhaber. While appealing to independent voters is a likely priority for both campaigns, it is a higher priority for the Dudley Campaign.

Read more at Magellan Strategies (via Real Clear Politics)

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