Is the GOP Overconfident? Three Midterm Challenges

Michael Duffy of Time penned an article highlighting three remaining challenges Republicans must overcome to make significant gains on November 2nd:

1.  Past Their Peak?
A number of top GOP consultants said last week that it is possible — not certain, but possible — that the party’s fortunes had peaked sometime in late September, perhaps a week or two early for maximum gains.

2.  The Screwup
A few poorly chosen words can knock an untested candidate effectively out of a race. A few misplaced ads can change the contest entirely. And there is so much money sloshing around among private Republican groups (north of $200 million by one estimate) that the biggest danger is that one of the many private, untraceable, political action committees working on the Republicans’ behalf will cut an ad that includes untested language or unproven allegations that put otherwise safe contests suddenly into play.

3.  The Continuing Revolt

Top GOP officials are only now really starting to think through what their lives are going to be like with much larger numbers of Tea Party sympathizers in the House and Senate next year: perhaps three or more in the Senate, perhaps several score or more in the House. And many safe Republican members will be worried that the Tea Party will go after them in 2012 should they fail to get with the program.

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