Interesting Story Lines From Yesterday’s Elections

Here are a few things I find noteworthy coming out of the primary elections held yesterday:

1) Women ran incredibly strong in statewide races.  Blanche Lincoln, Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, Nikki Haley, Sharron Angle all won high profile primaries for their party nominations.

2) Sarah Palin finally backed a few winners.  I’m not exactly sure how much her support really boosted the total vote count for Haley or Fiorina, and some are actually arguing that her endorsement may have actually hurt Branstad in the Iowa Gubernatorial primary — but they won.

3) The SEIU’s independent expenditure director should be canned.  In all, the total spent by big labor against Blanche Lincoln = 10 Million Dollars.  Oops.

4) The NRCC had a pretty rough night in Iowa, where 2 more of their candidates failed to make it out of their respective primaries.

5)  The big money is still necessary for tea party candidates.  In Virginia, the tea party candidates who made plenty of headlines about their superior grassroots support systems ended up with… no real grassroots support to speak of.  Ben Loyola and Jim McKelvey, the tea party guys who were runners-up in VA-2 and VA-5, respectively, received very little financial support outside of their own personal financing.

This contrasts well with the tea party’s major victor last night — Sharron Angle in Nevada.  Between the Club for Growth, the Tea Party Express and other tea party groups, just under a million dollars went her way to help her win the nod to take on Harry Reid.

The big money, folks, is important.

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