Hurt Talks To Lynchburg Tea Party

From Ray Reed at The News & Advance

State Sen. Robert Hurt, the 5th District GOP congressional nominee, told theLynchburg Tea Party on Thursday night that he voted for a state tax increase in 2004 because the state government was in danger of shutting down for lack of revenue, and that he regrets the vote.

“The risk of a government shutdown was too great” to vote against a tax proposal backed by then-Gov. Mark R. WarnerHurt said.

At least two people in the meeting, Will Kirk of Campbell County and Russ Simpson of Nelson County, said Hurt’s explanation was clear.

Hurt, running for Congress against Rep. Tom Perriello, D-5th, answered several questions from a tea-party crowd that apparently numbered several dozen people; news media were not allowed into the room.

The answers from Hurt and the meeting’s other guest, Rep. Robert W. Goodlatte, R-6th, could be heard in the public area of the Monte Carlo restaurant, where the meeting was held.

Most of the questions asked by the audience were not audible outside of the meeting room.

What was clear, though, was that Hurt promised several times to “reduce spending in this country, reduce the tax in this country, and reduce the debt of this country.”

Hurt got the evening’s loudest applause when he said, “If we could get rid of the IRS, that would be the greatest thing we could do.”

But, he told the crowd, “I have some concerns about the fair tax.”

On other topics, Hurt answered a question about illegal immigration by saying he wanted to “secure our borders,” and “enforce the laws we have on the books” and “God bless the state of Arizona.”

Hurt told the crowd that he thinks the health-care bill passed by Congress in March “will not stand.”

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