House GOP Rolls Out Five Fall Themes

House Republicans are using the August recess to test a governing agenda that they plan to release this fall, including the key provisions in a district work period packet provided to rank-and-file Members last week.

The packet, distributed by House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence (Ind.), included bullet points on a range of topics, labeled “solutions for discussion,” that GOP sources said represents the skeleton of the fall agenda.

Since launching the “America Speaking Out” initiative last spring, Republican leaders have been coy about what policies would be included in the agenda, telling reporters repeatedly that they were in “listening mode,” gathering input from citizens.

But several Republican aides said Monday that the agenda will be built from the five basic planks outlined in the recess document: jobs, national security, spending restraint, government reform and health care.

“This summer, House Republicans are going to be talking about specific solutions that address the priorities we’ve heard from the American people through America Speaking Out,” one GOP aide said. “Consistent with this project’s unparalleled transparency and direct citizen engagement, our members will be asking for feedback on these ideas at hundreds of town halls across the country.”

The aide cautioned that the exact details of what is included in the agenda may change by the time the final version is released but confirmed that the basic outline of what Republicans will release is included in the 22-page packet.

“A number of the solutions outlined may well end up as part of our governing agenda, some may not, and others may be added, but it will be that input that our members hear this summer which will ultimately shape the final product,” the aide said.

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