Haley Barbour Signals Intent To Run For President In 2012

Here is an excerpt from a Weekly Standard article that indicates Haley Barbour is strongly considering a White House run in 2012:

And then, I said, you can tell us if you’re going to run for president?

“I expect a decision around then,” he said.

I told him something his nephew Henry had told me in San Diego: “All the people who say Haley Barbour can’t be president because he had a career in Washington are people who have a career in Washington.”

Barbour laughed.

“People will tell you there are a lot of handicaps,” he said. “I’m governor of a very poor state. They’ll say that’s a handicap. People will tell you it’s a handicap to be from the South. I had an office in Washington for 19 years, working as a lobbyist. I have an accent. People will tell you those are handicaps.”

He leaned back and folded his hands across his chest, looking to me like a man who’s made up his mind.

“But I don’t think so.”

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