“Commitment to America”

Republican Congressional leaders have decided that the 2010 version of the 1994 “Contract with America” should be developed not just by politicians and staffers, but by the voters themselves.

In what Rep. Kevin McCarthy says is an acknowledgement that the GOP has to include the public in policy development, Republicans are set to unveil an online portal which will allow individuals nationwide to share their thoughts and proposals on how Republicans can move the country forward.

CNN‘s Deirdre Walsh has an article out today highlighting what the Republican leaders are looking to do with this new venture and how it will shape what they’re temporarily calling the “Commitment to America.”

Read the full article here.

One Response to ““Commitment to America””

  1. Ben L

    I say 50/50 chance this “commitment” thing ends up just like the effort Cantor and company made last year to “involve people”…


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