FL just the beginning of the Moderate vs. Conservative story…

So, Charlie Crist has made his leap into the unknown waters of independence.  Many are writing that his departure from the Senate primary battle with Marco Rubio is, in effect, proof that the conservative wing of the GOP now holds the upper hand — but there are still a few more races to watch before any absolute conclusions can be made.

CNN’s Paul Steinhauser has a fantastic article out today examining where the next few moderate vs. conservative battles will take place.  Below is an excerpt, and the full article is here.

Washington (CNN) — Florida Gov. Charlie Crist’s expected announcement Thursday that he is giving up his bid for the Republican Party’s Senate nomination and instead running as an independent is just one chapter in a wider war for the heart and soul of the GOP.

Next week, the spotlight will move to Indiana, where former Sen. Dan Coats is hoping to win his old seat. The former Republican lawmaker, who is the establishment candidate in the race, is facing off against a number of opponents in Tuesday’s primary, including former Rep. John Hostettler and state Sen. Marlin Stutzman.

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