GOP “Lagging” In Early Redistricting Race

Redistricting is an issue of paramount importance to CFP, and we do our best to highlight news concerning where things stand in the fight to redraw the lines in 2010.  So, please take a moment to read Ken Vogel’s piece in Politico on why Republicans aren’t sitting as pretty as we were in 2000, the last time the redistricting battle was fought.

Here’s an excerpt:

Outmaneuvered by the GOP during the last round of redistricting a decade ago, Democrats appear to have an early advantage as the two parties gear up again for the expensive and high-stakes battle over redrawing state legislative and congressional districts.

“I do believe that the Democrats are much better organized at this stage,” said Ben Ginsberg, a top Republican election lawyer.

Applying the lessons gleaned after the 2000 census, Democrats have moved more quickly to adapt to new rules on the types of fundraising available to finance redistricting efforts. They have also built a network of groups, with the blessing of the Obama White House and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, that appear to be better positioned for the complex and expensive battles that will begin unfolding next year in state capitals and courtrooms across the country after the 2010 census is complete.

Republicans, meanwhile, have struggled in response to the new fundraising environment, with groups jockeying for money and big-name backers, and GOP insiders grumbling that areas critical to an effective redistricting effort are not being adequately addressed.

Read the full article at Politico here.

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