GOP Can Win West Virginia Senate Race

If Republicans win enough seats in November to regain control of the Senate, they’ll have to take traditionally blue states like West Virginia with them.

The GOP nominee there, John Raese, says it’s a fight he can win.

“There’s win-ability here,” Raese said during a phone interview with The Daily Caller in his deep West Virginia drawl. “I travel around the state a lot, and I can feel it.”

The special election to fill the remainder of long-time Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd’s Senate seat will pit Raese against popular Democratic Gov. Joe Manchin. Raese says the race has other national implications: because it’s a special election, the winner will be sworn in immediately and will be able to vote in a lame duck session at the end of the year.

“When you have that opportunity, there’s probably going to be a lot of lame-duck liberal senators in there that no longer will be with us,” he said, suggesting that defeated Democratic senators will use the remaining months of their term to vote for liberal legislation.

So who is Republican John Raese?

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