Does The Tea Party Express Take Tokens?

In a politically naïve attempt to appear non-partisan, the Tea Party Express recently endorsed freshman Rep. Walt Minnick (D-Idaho), the only Democrat in the nation (so far) to land the backing of this group that is vying for a leading role within the Tea Party movement.

Unfortunately, the endorsement of Minnick can be seen as nothing short of a poorly calculated political move that amounts to tokenism on the part of the organization in an effort to claim a “non-partisan” image. Even worse, the endorsement could wind up halting the political career of Vaughn Ward (R), a conservative with a bright future who could really make a difference in Washington at a time when his services are most needed. It is one thing to be politically opportunistic; it’s a whole other matter to be squishy and self-serving.

Fixing Washington isn’t about Republicans and Democrats; it’s about electing conservative candidates who will get the job done. Vaughn Ward is one of those conservatives. Before the Tea Party Express makes another endorsement, it might want to recall the notion of “government of the people, by the people” and make a good-faith effort to consult with the local constituents of the district.

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