Delaware Aside, Shifts In Senate Field Favors GOP

Senate Democrats certainly got a boost this week with Rep. Michael N. Castle ’s stunning defeat in Delaware’s GOP primary. But once the party’s euphoria wears off in the First State, Democrats still have to face the reality that the national political environment is still tilted decidedly against them and several races around the country continue to shift in favor of Republicans.

After moving the rating of the Delaware contest to reflect Democrats’ much improved prospects of holding the Senate seat, CQ Politics is moving the race ratings in a handful of other Senate contests in favor of the GOP. Three races — in Florida, Kentucky and New Hampshire — are being moved from Tossup to Leans Republican. The Arkansas Senate contest is being moved from Leans Republican to the less competitive category of Likely Republican and the West Virginia race is moving from Likely Democratic to the more competitive category of Leans Democratic.

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