Could Beacon Hill Change Colors?

We’re not talking a blue-to-red scenario, but the Massachusetts statehouse could be heading for a bit of a “purpling” this upcoming fall.

Noah Bierman of the Boston Globe has an interesting article today on the GOP’s prospects in Massachusetts — a state in which a paltry 5 of the 40 currently-serving state senators are Republicans.

This year, though, the national trend against incumbents and voters’ angst toward government overreach and spending has even the Mass. GOP singing a different tune.

“I think that every seat that we have a challenger for is in play,’’ said Jennifer Nassour, chairman of the state Republican Party. “I don’t think that anyone is safe. I think there is a lot of explaining to do, that people are very annoyed right now.’’

Republicans are looking to 1990 as a template to build on that message. That’s when Governor William F. Weld, a Republican, swept into office, along with 43 new House members and 13 new Senate members. Some Democrats have also studied that election, with concern.

So, things are hopeful in Massachusetts, just as most everywhere right now for the GOP.  Let’s just hope we don’t screw this thing up in the meantime.

And oh yeah, read Noah Bierman’s full article at the Boston Globe.

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