CivicForumPAC: Ranking The GOP’s 2010 Senate Pick-Up Opportunities (October)

With four days to go until Election Day, the GOP’s chances of taking the Senate are unlikely. Political handicapper Nate Silver currently puts the chances of GOP Senate control at 14 percent, according to an October 28 modeling. Ranked below are the GOP’s best opportunities to add to their side of the aisle:

1. North Dakota (D-Open) – Does the North Dakota electorate even know the name of Hoeven’s Democratic opponent?

2. Arkansas (D-Lincoln) – Boozeman (R) already has his bags packed for D.C.

3. Indiana (D-Open) – In a time of economic uncertainty, Hoosier State voters will be relying on a name they know, and that name is Dan Coats (R).

4. Pennsylvania (D-Open) – Pennsylvania voters are not only unhappy with the Obama Administration’s policies, they are equally displeased with Democratic governor Ed Rendell’s handling of fiscal issues.

5. Wisconsin (D-Feingold) – Republican Ron Johnson is branding himself as a fiscal conservative who speaks for Main Street, and Wisconsin voters are buying in.

6. Nevada (D-Reid) – Early voting will be key for Republican Sharron Angle.  If she is close after today (Oct. 29), she will be the next Senator from the Silver State.  If not, Democrat Harry Reid will likely join the Byrd-Kennedy lifetime Senate club.

7. Illinois (D-Open) – Republican Mark Kirk can win but he needs to turn out voters in hoards downstate.  Luckily for Kirk, Bloomington native Bill Brady (R) is running for Governor.

8. Colorado (D-Bennet) – The stronger American Constitution Party gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo runs, the better Buck’s chances are in the Centennial State.

9. West Virginia (D-Open) – Republican John Raese faces an uphill battle, and the Dems are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him.

10. Washington (D-Murray) – If Republican Dino Rossi wins, the GOP will control the Senate.

Other races to keep an eye on: CA (D-Boxer), CT (D-Open), DE (D-Open)

Published October 29, 2:10pm

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