Chairman Steele: PA “a line in the sand”

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele was pretty unequivocal when speaking to activists about the importance of Pennsylvania’s Congressional and Senate Races to the GOP’s potential takeover this fall, calling the Keystone State “an important battleground, a line in the sand.”

Steele, who’s obviously been a political lightning rod since taking the helm of the GOP, asked activists to do their part:

“Don’t let these folks down,” Steele said. “Make sure the doors are knocked, the dollars are raised, and the neighbors are touched – and the message sent out that this is the change Pennsylvanians wanted, not that craziness they’re doing down in Washington.”

A GOP takeover of Congress could cure every wound of Steele’s, and of the party apparatus.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Read more from Thomas Fitzgerald at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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