Nate Silver: GOP Senate Takeover Chances Improving

Polls show that the Republican nominee has gained ground in a key Senate race, Wisconsin — and Republicans have put another Senate race, in West Virginia, squarely into play. But strong polling for Democrats in two Pacific Coast states, California … Continued

California Senate Race: It’s All About Barbara Boxer

Although her job performance ratings are at an all-time low, Sen. Barbara Boxer has increased her lead over Republican challenger Carly Fiorina in California’s U.S. Senate race, with the three-term incumbent leading the former Hewlett-Packard CEO 47 to 41 percent, according to a Field … Continued

Sharron Angle, Harry Reid Tied In Nevada Senate Race

Former Nevada Republican Assemblywoman Sharron Angle is tied with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid at 43 percent in the latest poll of the Nevada Senate race from Mason-Dixon Polling & Research. The two candidates remain unpopular, and the latest poll shows … Continued

GOP’s Pledge To America Laced With ‘Tea Party’ Slogans

Flanked by drywall and cedar planks at a family-owned lumber company, House Republicans on Thursday released a long-promised governing agenda, laced with ‘tea party’ slogans, that aims to create jobs by shrinking the size and scope of government. Call it … Continued

Field Poll: Whitman, Brown Tied In California Governor’s Race

Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman has nearly erased Democrats’ historic “gender gap” advantage with women voters in California, a new Field Poll shows, but she remains tied with state Attorney General Jerry Brown despite her record-shattering $119 million in personal … Continued