Senate Democrats Are Worried About 2012

While not even a month has passed since the last national election, Democrats are already worrying that 2012 may prove to be a tougher environment for the party – and one that could spark major turnover. Senate Democrats have a … Continued

Top Ten Most Outrageous Moments Of The 2010 Election

Whoever said politics was boring surely had not paid attention to this past election cycle.  From witches to chickens to peanuts, this election might go down as more than just a “shellacking” of the Democrats.  From the outrageous to the … Continued

Landline Vs. Cell Phone Vs. Dual Frame Election Polls

CivicForumPAC Chairman Ford O’Connell briefly touched on this issue in October on Fox News. On Tuesday Pew noted that the number of Americans who rely solely or mostly on a cell phone has been growing for several years, posing an … Continued

The Power Of The Hispanic Voter

Democrats were hurt in the midterm election by low turnouts or faltering support from voters who were young, black or female. But overwhelming support from Hispanic voters appears to have helped elect Democratic senators in Nevada, California, Colorado and possibly Washington … Continued

USA Today Poll: Tea Party Support Grows; USA Divided

Just about as many Americans want Tea Party-backed members of Congress to take the lead in setting policy during the next year as choose President Obama, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds. In a survey taken Friday through Sunday, 28% say Obama should … Continued

Al Gore Backtracks On Corn Ethanol

Former Vice President Al Gore has reversed his support of corn-ethanol subsidies. He even went one step further by admitting his original endorsement of them was nothing more than political pandering. Or at least, that’s what he told a green … Continued

Ex-Bush Official Preps for RNC bid

Former Bush administration official Maria Cino has created a 527 committee for an increasingly likely bid to become the RNC chairwoman, POLITICO has learned. On Friday, Cino filed papers to create Maria for Chairman with the FEC, a move that … Continued