2010 Elections: Big GOP Landslide, Modest Turnout

Based on a complete, unofficial tally of the nationwide vote for the House of Representatives, the number of ballots cast in the 2010 congressional elections is likely to be only a few million more than the 80 million who participated … Continued

Michael Steele On Thin Ice As RNC Chair

A significant bloc of Republican National Committee members wants embattled chairman Michael Steele to step aside, but the rank and file have failed to settle on a clear alternative, according to Associated Press interviews with committee members. More than four … Continued

Is The GOP Brand Going Extinct In California?

Republicans could be on the verge of sinking into political oblivion in California, especially if they continue to take hard-line positions on illegal immigration, experts say. Elections across the state this month left Republicans shut out of all statewide offices. … Continued

Pres. Obama’s Poll Numbers Suggest His Defeat In 2012

We’re fast approaching the halfway point in Barack Obama’s term. With Nov. 2 behind him, everything the president does will be calculated to boost, or at least not harm, his chances of re-election in 2012. What’s not clear is whether … Continued

New GOP Governors Can Lead States To Prosperity

State governments had to learn to make do with less because of the recession, but now that incoming Republicans in Congress have pledged to uphold an earmark moratorium, state leaders will have an even greater impetus to reform their budgets. … Continued

Liberal Group American Bridge Prepares To Match GOP In 2012

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, chairwoman of a new liberal group promising to spend millions of dollars against Republicans in the 2012 election, told POLITICO that Democrats’ qualms about outside spending shouldn’t be allowed to get in the way of the party’s … Continued

Chairman Michael Steele Should Resign RNC Post

Republicans have a gigantic challenge ahead of them as they seek to fulfill many of the campaign promises they touted for months leading up to the tsunami 2010 election cycle — to reduce the national debt, eliminate runaway government spending, … Continued

No GOP Presidential Front-runner For 2012

Over the past 30 years, there has always been a clear front-runner for the next Republican presidential nomination, generally four years in advance of the election. Since Ronald Reagan in 1980, that candidate has gone on to win the nomination … Continued