Top Donors To Formally Boycott RNC If Steele Wins?

Mike Allen at Politico is reporting that if Chairman Steele wins re-election the top donors “will publicly formalize their de facto boycott of the RNC under Steele.” Does anyone blame them? Under Steele the RNC is $15 million in debt … Continued

House Dems Still Trying To Cope With Losing The Majority

Sad…. Until now, the Congressional career of Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been a story of ascent. First elected in 2004, the Florida Democrat became a prodigious fund-raiser who helped her party recapture the House two years later, and later … Continued

Michael Steele: “I’m much more a street guy.”

Here is Steele explaining why he is running for re-election.  ”I’m much more of a street guy,” doesn’t make me confident that you can dig the RNC out of the hole you put it in:

Sources Say Steele WILL Seek Second Term As RNC Chair

Now it appears Steele will seek a second term, which means this process is going to get ugly: Controversial Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, who last month presided over the GOP’s biggest electoral gains since 1938, will announce tonight that he … Continued

White House Launches Charm Offensive With Incoming GOP Chairmen

House Republicans don’t take power for three more weeks, but the White House is already engaged in a behind-the-scenes charm offensive designed to build relationships with incoming committee chairmen before they become powerful adversaries. The GOP chairmen are getting congratulatory … Continued

U.S. Posts $150.4 Billion November Budget Deficit

Our budget deficit has become just another number to me, which is a bad thing: The U.S. government ran its 26th straight monthly budget deficit in November amid wrangling over a package that would extend big tax cuts to Americans … Continued

Earmarks: Congressional Addicts In Denial

Re-posted from Daily Caller On Thursday, Politico reported that Congressional Republicans are having second thoughts about their self-imposed earmark moratorium. At issue for Tea Party favorite Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) is the definition of what actually constitutes an earmark. According to Republican … Continued

Unidentified Dem Lawmaker: ‘F*** The President’

Was this lawmaker trying to create a Joe Wilson moment and wasn’t recognized or were they just voicing their frustration? The frustration with President Barack Obama over his tax cut compromise was palpable and even profane at Thursday’s House Democratic … Continued