All 10 States Losing Congressional Seats Lean Democratic

Each of the 10 states losing congressional seats as a result of the newly announced 2010 census reapportionment process is politically Democratic, based on a Gallup political identification measure from the first six months of this year. Five of the … Continued

Virginia Tea Party Leader Jamie Radtke May Run For U.S. Senate

A recent image of Jamie Radtke: The 36-year-old Chesterfield County resident, bullhorn in hand, addressing fellow Virginia tea-party activists at an “audit-the-Fed” rally outside the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. Radtke is still sounding off — about, among other issues, runaway federal spending, the spiraling … Continued

Texas Governor Rick Perry ‘A Definate No’ In 2012

A governor eyed by some as a 2012 Republican contender for the White House stressed that his focus is on leading the nation’s GOP governors and working with new leadership on Capitol Hill to assert states’ rights. Texas Gov. Rick … Continued

On Cloud Nine, Democrats Will Soon Cry ‘Washington Is Broken’

“Washington, right now, is broken,” said Vice President Biden in February. “I’ve never seen it this dysfunctional.” Back then, Biden was just one of many who complained that partisan rancor and gamesmanship had brought the functioning of the federal government … Continued

2012 GOP Presidential Hopefuls Courting Tea Party Support

Three potential Republican contenders for the 2012 presidential nomination would have higher hurdles to clear to win the Tea Party vote in the primary, leaders of the movement say. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and … Continued

GOP Works To Avoid “Labor”; Prefers “Workforce”

Congress is off for the Christmas holidays, but when lawmakers come back some will be laboring on a newly renamed committee. It’s the Education and the Workforce Committee, previously known in the just-concluded Congress as the Education and Labor Committee. … Continued

Krauthammer Is Right: Obama’s New Start

Unfortunately Charles Krauthammer (who we have great respect for at CivicForumPAC) is right about President Obama again… Riding the lamest of ducks, President Obama just won the Triple Crown. He fulfilled (1) his most important economic priority, passage of Stimulus … Continued

New House Rules Reflect Tea Party Principles

Republican House leaders released a draft of new rules for the 112th Congress, which address many of the reforms advocated by the Tea Party. The House Rules package shows a greater focus by congressional Republicans on transparency, deliberation, and cutting … Continued