Rubio Undecided On Joining Tea Party Caucus

What is the benefit of joining the caucus? What if the tea party gains a negative reputation within the Republican Party in the next year? Joining the Senate Tea Party Caucus doesn’t seem beneficial to a GOP superstar like Rubio. … Continued

Sources: Steele Took Deal For Endorsement

Not surprising from Steele: Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele dropped his bid for a second term on Friday after being offered a lucrative deal in exchange for his endorsement, sources on the committee tell The Hotline. Steele dropped out of … Continued

Reince Priebus’s Tea Party Tightrope

Will Priebus’s tea part roots offend big GOP donors? We hope not. Reince Priebus faces many challenges in taking over the Republican National Committee, but among the trickiest will be building support from the anti-establishment tea party without offending big … Continued

GOP Taps Reince Priebus As New Party Chairman

The Republican National Committee selected a new leader on Friday, with its choice, Reince Priebus of Wisconsin, surviving seven contentious rounds of balloting to overtake Michael Steele, the embattled chairman, as party officials demanded new leadership to fortify the party for the 2012 … Continued

PPP: Palin Not Doing So Well In The Early States

Sarah Palin’s biggest obstacle to the White House may not be her remarkable level of unpopularity with Democrats and independents. Her more immediate problem is that she simply doesn’t have much support in the vital early Republican states of Iowa, … Continued

Starting Lineup: RNC Edition

Good Friday morning from National Harbor, Maryland, where members of the Republican National Committee meet today to elect a chairman for the 2012 election cycle. In lieu of your normal Starting Lineup, we offer five things to watch for as … Continued