Ohio Republicans Eyeing Ken Blackwell For U.S. Senate In 2012

Ohio Republicans prefer their former Secretary of State Ken Blackwell to take on Democratic incumbent Sherrod Brown for Senate next year.  Blackwell is the favorite of 17% of Ohio’s usual Republican primary voters, ahead of Jon Husted’s 14%, unlikely candidate Drew … Continued

First Read’s Top 10 U.S. Senate Takeovers In 2012

Re-Post From NBC’s First Read Republicans need to flip three seats to take control of the Senate. Eight of our Top 10 are Democratic-held seats: 1. North Dakota (D) (1): Still No. 1 and probably be there for a while with … Continued

The California GOP’s Hispanic Problem

A new poll out of California found little hope for Republicans among the nation’s fastest-growing electoral demographic. Latino voters across the state hold widely negative views of the Republican Party, according to the survey, which was conducted by a GOP pollster … Continued

Florida Is The Tipping Point For The GOP In 2012

If the eventual GOP presidential nominee is to defeat President Obama at the ballot box in 2012, the road to the White House goes through Florida.  The Sunshine State understands its strategic importance to the Republican Party, and has begun … Continued

PPP: Obama Takes Lead In Ohio

The eventual 2012 Republican presidential nominee is dead in the water if he or she cannot win Ohio, and this is not a good sign… This is the first time in six Public Policy Polling (PPP) surveys of Ohio since … Continued

Will Sarah Palin Run For Arizona’s Open Senate Seat?

Re-Posted From The Daily Caller Earlier this year, we were critical of Sarah Palin’s 2012 presidential aspirations. Still, we think there is certainly a place for her on the ticket next year. It is just not where most of you might … Continued

GOP Wisely Plays Defense On Redistricting

Sometime it is better NOT to overreach – especially with the next 10 years of elections at stake – and that appears to be the Republican Party’s approach to redistricting. House Republican leaders won’t acknowledge it publicly, but the outline … Continued