Britain To Launch Their Own Tea Party

Disgruntled Brits are taking a page out of America’s book and will host the first British Tea Party on Saturday.  The apparent leader of the Tea Party, Daniel Hannan, explains: “Labour has raised more than a trillion pounds in additional … Continued

Howard Dean Calls Tea Partiers Racist

Former Presidential candidate Howard Dean (D) continued the tired criticism of Obama opponents saying they are upset about his race rather than policy.  Why is it so difficult for Democrats to believe that people are actually upset with the way … Continued

Dallas Tea Party Challenges Olbermann

Nearly every day MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann has some sort of rant about tea parties.  Olbermann’s new kick is to condemn the tea party movement for a lack of diversity.  Now the Dallas Tea Party is taking the fight back … Continued

Tea Party Most Popular Party In Ohio?

A recent Quinnipac poll shows that Ohioans have a more favorable opinion of the Tea Party movement than the Republican or Democratic Party: Among all Ohio voters, the Democratic Party gets a 38 – 50 percent unfavorable rating, while the … Continued

Griffith to mine opening from crumbling support for Boucher

Add yet another incumbent Democratic Congressman to the endangered list for 2010? In 2008, Congressman Rick Boucher (D-VA) was re-elected without opposition in Virginia’s 9th district, the latest in a string of fourteen wins stretching back to 1982. This Democrat … Continued

I Am The Tea Party Leader Campaign

Tea Party Patriots has created the website to reinforce the idea that the tea party movement is a “We the people…” movement.  They are asking people to film themselves saying “I am the tea party leader,” upload it onto … Continued

Tea Party Poll From The Economist

Here are the results from the tea party section of the Economist/YouGov Poll: -20% of Americans claim to be part of the tea party movement. -50% of Republicans claim to be part of the tea party movement. -Of those who … Continued

Ohio Tea Parties Squaring Off With State GOP

Across the country, Republicans are realizing that if they hope to regain control of Congress they are going to have to do so with the help of the tea parties.  However, many tea party leaders have no intention of working … Continued

Tea Party Movement Untamed

Lloyd Marcus has an interesting take on the current state of the Tea Party movement.  He explains: “Millions of Americans who have been passively watching our country slipping away for years are suddenly passionately seeking to restore it. So frankly, … Continued

Pajamas Media To Create Tea Party TV

Pajamas Media has announced the creation of Tea Party TV, which will give comprehensive coverage of the movement.  The highlight will be a twice-a-week internet TV show hosted by Glenn Reynolds and AlfonZo Rachel.  Tea Party TV is an expansion … Continued