Tea Party Candidates Struggle Early in 2010

The 2010 election cycle hasn’t started off the way Tea Partiers had wanted.  Tea Party candidates have yet to make a serious challenge in any primaries, with the biggest disappointment in Texas with Debra Medina.  Tea Party supporters argue that … Continued

TX Tea Parties Don’t Wow On Election Day

Many who are a following the Tea Party movement closely were watching Texas closely on Tuesday.  Tea Party candidate Debra Medina was hoping to gain enough of the primary vote to cause a runoff.  However, her and Sen. Kay Bailey … Continued

What’s really brewing in the “tea parties?”

If we listen only to the main stream media, we might think that the tea party movement is comprised of a rowdy bunch of right-wing extremist “‘hicks’” whose sole goal is to cause chaos at a time when America desperately … Continued

For GOP, Embrace of Tea Party Comes With Risks

Many say that Republicans and Tea Partiers must work together if we hope to make significant gains in 2010.  However, Gerald Seib says the GOP should proceed with caution.  First, some of the ideas that Republicans stand for don’t align … Continued

Primary Season Is Upon Us

This may be the most interesting primary season in recent history, with Tea Partiers and Progressives challenging party regulars in several states.  Everyone is focusing on how Tea Party candidates will hold up in their first elections but there are … Continued

Medina could cause Perry a Texas-sized headache

Rick Perry, the longest serving Governor of Texas, looks to be the top voter-getter in the Republican primary election for Governor on Tuesday, but he may not win the nomination.  Under Texas law, to become the Republican nominee, the primary … Continued

Trenton and Richmond: It’s the worst of times in both

It’s unusual for Virginians to look to the Statehouse in Trenton, N.J., for inspiration. But lawmakers in Richmond can’t be blamed if they’ve begun to wonder whether the Garden State’s newly elected governor might be charting a more effective way … Continued