Kelly Ayotte, Future Senator (R-NH)

Ah, New Hampshire — the land that resurrected the Maverick and the place where Hillary nearly turned back Obamania.  And, lest we forget, the Granite State’s motto — “Live Free or Die” — is obviously the best state-motto-turned-movie-title ever (long live Bruce Willis).

Stupak Added To Tea Party Hit List

The Tea Party Express has added Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) to their target list. Tea Party Express coordinator, Joe Wierzbicki, explained, “He sold out the American people and voted for that awful health-care bill, so now we’re going to repay … Continued

“Stupak opponent provides lesson for other candidates”

Every two years, thousands of individuals throw their hats into the ring and decide to run for public office.  A few challengers will win, but, in general, most are political neophytes who can be considered long shots at best on Election Day. … Continued

Tea Partiers Struggle With Image

Tea partiers flocked to Capitol Hill this weekend to protest the health care bill.  However, there were reports of racist and homophobic epithets being directed at Democratic lawmakers.  We know that some of these reports were fabricated but it is … Continued

Code Red Rally in DC

Updated (2:50pm) – Patrick O’Conner of Politico is reporting that the House will vote directly on the Senate Bill; “Slaughter Solution” of “Deem & Pass” off the table. Is this a sign of confidence or desperation from the Speaker’s office? … Continued

Listen to ME: RNC extends olive signs to tea party

Re-posted from By: Ford O’Connell Last month Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele met with tea party leaders from across the country in an effort to court the conservative leaning grassroots movement. As The Daily Caller’s Alex Pappas … Continued

Coffee Party Opens Weakly

The Coffee Party had their coming-out parties this weekend and almost no one showed up.  The highest turnout was 41 in Orlando and the low was 8 in Corvallis, Ore..  The Coffee Party is the left’s alternative to the Tea … Continued

Rove: “Tea Party May Be Risk To GOP”

In a Q&A with USA Today, Karl Rove explained that Tea Partiers pose a serious risk to Republicans if they back third party candidates rather than Republican candidates in the general elections.  Tea Partiers traditionally vote Republican, which means their … Continued

Nevada Tea Party Candidate A Fraud?

Or at least that is what many Nevada Republicans are saying about Tea Pary candidate Jon Scott Ashjian. Ashjian burst onto the political scene without any previous involvement with Nevada’s Tea Parties and many think that Sen. Majority Leader Harry … Continued