Federal Gov’t punishes Mass. for education system success

Perhaps the term “states’ rights” and Massachusetts don’t typically go together, but when it comes to education, its a perfect fit.  Massachusetts offers its students the highest quality education in the United States — and they’ve achieved such great heights on … Continued

Tea Party Stats

From The Winston Group: -17% of people consider themselves “part of the tea party movement” -40% are of tea partiers are either a Democrat or a Independent -Males are more likely to tea partiers 56-44% -36% of tea partiers name … Continued

Where the Tea Partiers Should Go From Here

Former White House advisor Karl Rove has an op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal about how tea partiers should proceed.  Rove’s closing point may be the most important, “The tea party movement must also distance itself from the “birthers” who … Continued

The Nature of the Resistance

I know, the title is a bit 1940s-France, but “resistance” is actually a word I lifted from Daniel Henninger, whose op-ed in this morning’s WSJ struck me as insightful and well-written. Henninger’s thesis — that the push-back to ObamaCare is … Continued

Tea Party movement: Sinking ship or smooth sailing?

Re-posted from The Daily Caller Decision time is approaching for the Tea Party movement. So far, the movement has proven it can draw a crowd. National gatherings in Nashville and Washington and local events from Massachusetts to Hawaii have drawn … Continued

CivicForumPAC Spotlights Five U.S. Senate Candidates

Contact: Press Office Phone: 703.679.8713 Email: Press@CivicForumPAC.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CivicForumPAC Spotlights Five U.S. Senate Candidates McLean, Va. – On Tuesday, March 30, CivicForumPAC released the names of the five campaigns for United States Senate to whom it chose to … Continued

Democrats and Their Short-Term Memory

The Democrats’ short-term memories simply baffle me.  Following Sunday’s House vote on health care, an uprising of disgruntled voters began.  Some have taken their frustrations too far, and those actions have been condemned.  Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli said that the tea party … Continued

“Retiring Reid”

Majority leader will fall if Republicans unite Of the several thousand races for public office on ballots nationwide in 2010, few offer higher stakes for Republicans than the race for U.S. Senate in Nevada. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is … Continued