Redistricting in the News

Hat tip to Swing State Project for catching the recent goings-on in regard to redistricting in Florida and Illinois. Here’s the status of redistricting measures currently at issue in Florida, via the Washington Independent‘s Jimm Phillips: The Florida legislature approved … Continued

“Bizarre” GOP Primary Day in Indiana

Today is primary day for 3 states: North Carolina, Ohio, and Indiana. While many will be paying close attention to what happens in Ohio because of it’s swing-state status, it may well be Indiana that ends up being the most … Continued

Liberals Accuse Tea Partiers of Role In Times Square Bombing

Before Faisal Shahzad was apprehended trying to escape the country, liberal bloggers began making outlandish claims that the failed terror attempt was the work of tea partiers.  Robert Dreyfuss said it was unlikely the attempted bombing was carried out by … Continued

The right to replace Bayh

Re-posted from By: Ford O’Connell On Tuesday Hoosier State voters will take to the polls to decide who will represent the Republican and Democratic parties on the ballot in November. The most publicized battle in Indiana is the GOP primary … Continued

RNC Budget Cutting Could Hinder November Gains

Given the heightened importance of 2010, with the short-term opportunity to shift the balance of power in Congress for the next two years and the even longer-lasting opportunity to shape the redistricting efforts in 2011 by increasing GOP control at … Continued

Crist could be a real pain in the elephant

By Ford O’Connell at Up until today, a Republican was almost certainly going to be elected to the United States Senate by Florida voters this November. Gov. Charlie Crist, less than a year removed from being considered a shoe-in to … Continued

Tim Burns: On a roll in PA-12

Tim Burns, a candidate we’ve recently spotlighted, is receiving more and more national attention in the lead-up to his special election in Pennsylvania on May 18th.  And apparently, it’s been a pretty great few days for him. Yesterday’s USA Today … Continued