Primary “Primer” 3 — California & Nevada

These are the big ticket states tomorrow night, although the primaries we care about may not turn out to be too incredibly close. Nevada: Senate — Who gets to take on Harry Reid?  Many bloggers out there (especially the D’s) … Continued

Primary “Primer” 2 — Iowa & South Carolina

IA and SC get lumped together because people so love to extrapolate every result from each and opine on the possible implications those numbers could have on the their respective presidential primaries. South Carolina: Governor — If you’re not paying … Continued

Primary “Primer” 1 — ND, SD, MT, ME

Here’s a (very) brief run-down of the lesser-known primary races going on tomorrow. North Dakota: Senate — Two Democrats are vying for the chance to get vote-spanked by Republican Governor John Hoeven. South Dakota: Governor — Five Republicans are in … Continued

Time Is Running Out For Obama

Many thanks to Peter Morici over at The Street for writing the article so many of us have thought about writing.  I think it needs no introduction, take a look: Either President Obama fixes what’s broken in the economy, or … Continued

CBS News Unveils 2010 Hot Races Map

Technology is sweet.  I think back to the 2008 election and wonder what we would have done without those giant, ridiculous touch-screen maps that the anchors on FoxNews and CNN played around with each evening. And here’s another great innovation, … Continued

Don’t Put The Cart Before The Elephant

Everyone from the National Review’s Jim Geraghty to non-partisan Congressional prognosticator Stuart Rothenberg predicts big gains for the GOP at the federal level this fall. In fact, Real Clear Politics’ Sean Trende says he “wouldn’t be shocked to see Democratic losses eclipse 100 … Continued

What The Tea Partyers Have Yet To Master: Consensus

If Virginia’s 5th Congressional District is any indication of what the Tea Party movement can do for the conservative agenda, we may be in for a long liberal reign. The Tea Party faction has encouraged a large and diverse group … Continued

GOP “Lagging” In Early Redistricting Race

Redistricting is an issue of paramount importance to CFP, and we do our best to highlight news concerning where things stand in the fight to redraw the lines in 2010.  So, please take a moment to read Ken Vogel’s piece … Continued

How Conservative or Liberal is Your State?

Nate Silver, whose new joint effort with The New York Times I wrote about yesterday, has some really interesting data on how liberal or conservative, both socially and fiscally, the states are. Take a look at how your state leans.

Is Wal-Mart a Liberal Company??

Josh Gerstein over at Politico has an interesting piece on an upcoming Wal-Mart shareholders meeting, at which the stockholders will get the chance to let the top brass know what they think of recent liberal policy positions the corporate giant … Continued