Larry Sabato’s 6/17/10 Senate Rundown

U.S. SENATE RACES OF INTEREST: ALASKA SENATOR: Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R) is a heavy favorite, but the Tea Party is taking her on with a candidate named Joe Miller. And Sarah Palin, who defeated Murkowski’s father for governor in the … Continued

Voters In Big States Prefer Skinflint Candidates

Even in Democratic strongholds like New York and California, candidates are having to realize that the voters are fed up with government waste, big spending, and higher taxes. Michael Barone has an interesting take in today’s about how voters … Continued

Brady (R) Leads In Illinois Gubernatorial Race

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is his own worst enemy. 50% of Illinois voters disapprove of him, while only 27% of voters approve and 23% have no opinion. His opponents are generally unknown. 56% of voters have yet to form an … Continued

Larry Sabato’s 6/17/10 Gubernatorial Snapshot

Gubernatorial Races Of Interest: ALABAMA GOVERNOR: The Republican runoff, to be held July 13th, will be between first-place finisher Bradley Byrne and Robert Bentley, who edged Tim James by a handful of votes. It is now obvious that James is … Continued

GOP Marks 60th State Special Election Victory Since Nov. 2008

Republicans across the country marked a significant milestone, last night, with the 59th and 60th state legislative special election victories since President Barack Obama was elected President.  The two wins took place in Virginia House Districts 26 and 27 as … Continued

Can Republicans Take Back The House In 2010?

With less than five months left until Election Day, many political commentators are asking whether this year’s midterm elections could be a reprise of 1994 when Republicans picked up 8 seats in the Senate and 54 seats in the House … Continued

Vitter Is Ahead In Louisiana

Five months away from the Louisiana Senatorial election Senator David Vitter (R) is ahead of Democratic Congressman Charlie Melancon 46 to 37%. Vitter’s strength is partly due to his name recognition. Vitter is well known throughout the state, only 11% of … Continued

Rothenberg: Is Reid Better Off Than He Was A Week Ago?

Good news for Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sharron Angle — “sort of,” according to Congressional prognosticator Stuart Rothenberg. Everyone seems to think that Nevada Sen. Harry Reid (D) is measurably better off now than he was before the primary and … Continued

Throw The Bums Out Of Office

For the first time in recent memory, inexperience has become a badge of honor, as opposed to an impediment to winning office. Voters are less and less inclined than ever before to support incumbent members of the Senate and the House … Continued