Congressional Dems Lack Direction Heading Into Midterms

The Democrats passed the stimulus package. They passed health-care and Wall Street overhauls and revamped the financing system for higher education. Their other main priorities, on immigration and energy, appear to be headed nowhere. So, what will they do next? … Continued

Governors Races Take On National Importance

Republicans, fueled by record fundraising, are poised to win most of the state governorships in November, which would give them an advantage in congressional redistricting and a new pool of talent for national office. Democrats now hold 26 of the … Continued

NFL’s Jerry Jones And Bob Kraft Donate To Meg Whitman

Wth his team in California for two weeks, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones decided to dabble in a state politicial campaign. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jones has donated $20,000 to the campaign of Meg Whitman, Republican candidate for governor. New England owner Bob Kraft followed Jones’ … Continued

Reid Banks On Hispanic Voters To Defeat Angle

When Julio Morales was 7 years old, he crossed the U.S.-Mexico border with his parents, and he has been living here illegally ever since. He has two younger brothers, the Americans in the family, who gained automatic U.S. citizenship when … Continued

Dan Benishek Wins Michigan 1st District GOP Primary

Surgeon Dan Benishek beat state Sen. Jason Allen by just 15 votes — out of 98,992 cast — in Michigan’s 1st District Republican primary, state officials announced Friday, though a recount is still likely. “You can call me by my … Continued

New York Dems Sidestep Mosque Project

With the exception of Rep. Jerrold Nadler, I haven’t gotten a single response from the N.Y. congressional delegation I reached out to about the president’s speech, but but I have heard from multiple Democratic sources that some have privately expressed … Continued

Colorado Tea Party Groups Chart Fall Strategy

Colorado’s Tea Party groups are at a crossroads. They are coming off a victorious week in successfully pushing their candidates — Ken Buck for U.S. Senate and Dan Maes for governor — through the primary election. Yet they are mindful … Continued

If GOP Takes Control, Who Will Be The Chief Broker?

A veteran Republican senator questioned on Thursday whether current Republican leaders could negotiate effectively with President Obama if the GOP wins back the House. Sen. Richard Lugar (Ind.), the longest-serving Republican still in the Senate, said House Minority Leader John … Continued

Deal Has Solid Lead In Georgia Governor’s Race

Coming off his razor-thin Republican Primary runoff win on Tuesday, former Congressman Nathan Deal earns better than 50% support against Democrat Roy Barnes in Georgia’s race for governor. A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Georgia Voters finds Deal … Continued